Thursday, September 17, 2009

Proenza Rocks the Runway!!

These are a few of my favorite looks from the SP10 Proenza Collection. I love everything; the color scheme, the shapes, the's so refreshing. I feel like I just cracked open a can of 7 Up and it spritzed me in the face and then i took a big swig and the carbonation made my eyes water ;)

Lady Gaga @ VMA's

She did quite a few costume changes, which I am extremely greatful for. Some of her outfits you can't help, but just laugh. I mean, the nestface? You have to! All the people that see her outfits and say "What the F is she wearing" in a valley girl voice; must be jealous. She obviously knows exactly what she's doing and that is expressing herself through fashion. It's a form of art and I would do the same thing if I was famous. Kudos Gaga <3


I love Betsey, her collections are always colorful & fun. She always brings some 80's style w/ a twist. These are some photos for her Spring 10 Collection. Supercute!

Friday, September 11, 2009

RiRi Being Hip

You betta.

HTM Alert!

This disaster was worn to the daytime Emmy's or something. So first of all this chick wore that thing during the day and second of all...she wore that thing. It kind of hurts my eyes.

Googoo Giggledy Gaga

Umm, i just love her.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

4 Your Legs

Um hello hawtness...I just don't understand where they end on the top...they look painted on...hmmmm the wonders of fashion....or photoshop. ;) (from a spread in Vogue Deutsch)